JourneyMaker is a digital tool that allows your family to create your very own tour of the museum. Choose one of eight storylines—like Superheroes, Time Travelers, or Strange and Wild Creatures—and then select works from the museum’s collection within that story. After you’ve made your selections, print out your personalized Journey Guide, which includes information, activities, and wayfinding directions. Then head into the museum for an art-filled adventure! With eight storylines and over 250 works of art, there are over 262,000 unique journeys your family can create.

Journey Maker is a family oriented interactive created by the Art Institute of Chicago in partnership with Belle and Wissell. As the Art Institute’s technical lead I managed systems integration, technical consultation, best practices for working with the museum’s data systems, coordination between external and internal technical teams, and physical installation of the interactive in the museums Ryan Learning Center.


International Design and Communication Awards Finalist (Best App), 2016